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Reflecting on three rather special racing MG Midgets of the 1960's
Dick Jacobs
Dick Jacobs

12 Jan 2023
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21 Feb 2021
New photo from Sebring 1965


The "Jacobs Midgets"

Following the success of the Austin-Healey Sprite, now affectionately known as the FStdMidgetMk1rogeye, ~ BMC decided, three years on, to up-grade the car by giving it an opening boot-lid and more conventional front body styling. At the same time they created an MG version of the car to be known as the Midget, after MG's smaller pre-war sportscars. The new Midget was unveiled in June, 1961 and so celebrates its 50th anniversary this summer.

Many of those who have owned a 1960's or 70's MG Midget during the last half century will have heard of the successes achieved by the team of two Dick Jacobs Midget Coupés, or perhaps in Scotland by John Milne's car, even if they have never set eyes on one of these cars in the flesh.

NewArrivalBeing intended for racing, the three cars built had a relatively short active life, after which they passed into private hands and largely out of public view. Although they do appear occasionally at shows, and the Royal blue car of James Willis is now seen racing fairly frequently, opportunities to see the cars are now fairly rare.BJB rear

This new website is intended to gather together, and make more widely available, photographs, articles and other information related to these rather special motor cars.

Enjoy ~ and please let me know of anything I have omitted or which you consider to be incorrect.

All contributions of photos, articles, etc, will be gratefully received.

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12 January 2023 ~ Max Authers has kindly agreed to take
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