Midget and Sprite Competition Register
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Reflecting on three rather special racing MG Midgets of the 1960's


Midget and Sprite Competition Register

[Reproduced from Steve Luscombe's article in "Safety Fast" magazine, April 2013]

It is three years since the Midget and Sprite Competition Register began to list the many cars which have been modified for racing, rallying and speed events. The register was created because the committee of the central Midget Register of the MG Car Club was (and still is) concerned that the history of many interesting cars might be lost unless some recording took place. After an initial burst of enthusiasm from members, registration has been rather quiet for a while. It is now time to remind owners of these cars of the Register's existence, and to ask them to log details of their car' histories with us.

The Competition Register is not a 'club', and there are few direct benefits to individual owners, but the information will help the club in future years to ensure that the history of competition Spridgets matches that of other MG cars.

Comp Reg 2In which cars are we interested? Obviously all cars which have a significant competition history, but also any car which has been sufficiently modified so that is is unlikely, in future, to be returned to a standard road car. We are especially keen to trace as many WSMs, Sebrings and Lenhams as we can. If your car is not famous at the moment, it may be in future years! Please do not worry if you feel that your car is insufficiently modified or significant. We would rather have your car logged on the Register than not.

Please note that on the registration form there is an opportunity for you to indicate any information which you wish to be kept private. The Register is most definitely NOT concerned about the price which such cars may (or may not) fetch when sold. We just wish to record where the cars are and, if known, some information about their history.

If you own a competition Spridget, whether or not it is currently being used, please print off and complete the attached Registration Form and return it to the Competition Registrar: Steve Luscombe - who may also be contacted by telephone on 01985 840830, or by email. He will be very grateful to you for your interest and support.